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Color touch screens as standard

All Astell Scientific autoclaves,'Steam Generators' and 'Effluent Decontamination systems (EDS)' incorporate the latest innovations in control system technology, providing color touchscreen controllers as standard throughout the range.

The Astell touchscreen systems are an advance in sterilization control technology, bringing together years of unrivalled experience, to produce a user friendly, fully automatic control system, to meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding laboratories and centres of sterilization.

The controller consists of a wipe clean touchscreen measuring 122mm x 94mm and is based on an industrial PLC system, combined with a number of analogue and digital input/output modules. The controller software has been developed by Astell for the precision control of all our autoclaves and sterilizers.

Standard Features

  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Icon Driven Menu System
  • Simple Cycle Selection
  • Continual Cycle Monitoring
  • Data Archive For Up To 5,000 Cycles
  • USB Connection For USB Back Up
  • Multiple User Access Levels
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • User Log
  • Programme New Cycles
  • Duplicate, Modify & Rename Cycles
  • Cycle Stage Jump Facility
  • Multiple Languages
  • Delayed Start Facility
  • Hold Warm Facility (if applicable)
  • Default To Factory Settings
  • Output Override
  • Machine service timer
  • Digital Pressure Display
  • Up To Four Digital Temperatures Displayed
  • Cycle Counter
  • Stage Timer
  • Cycle Timer
  • Cycle Header
  • Stage Display
  • View Input/Output Display
  • Logs Batch Number
  • Logs Load Number
  • Diagnose Faults
  • Safety Valve Test Cycle

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