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The Astell 125 - 1,400 Liter Custom SQUARE Autoclave Range

The 125 - 1,400 liter Custom SQUARE Autoclave Range is capable of sterilizing almost anything (additional options may be required) and easily customizable and with a range of different chamber sizes. The Custom SQUARE range is ideal for high throughput situations or bulky and awkward loads.

Depending on load and sterilization requirements the addition of a Heated Jacket, Vacuum facility or Cooling system may be required or recommended.

This range can also form the basis of a double door or pass-though autoclave if required.

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The Custom SQUARE Range comes in capacities from 125 to 1,400 liters and is capable of sterilizing various items as standard and is upgradable to sterilize almost anything. Models are available in 600, 875, 1050, 1200 and 1400 liters. A steam generator is fitted as standard, however direct steam models are also available at no extra cost.

The standard unit is capable of sterilizing a wide variety of items or with additional options can be upgraded to offer wider versatility.

As always with Astell - if you can't find what you are looking for then Contact us and we will advise you on the best available option.

Astell can custom build the SQUARE range to your specifications.

Model: U-AVS125 (125 liters)

Model: U-AVS216 (216 liters)

Model: U-AVS250 (250 liters)

Model: U-AVS360 (360 liters)

Model: U-AVS490 (490 liters)

Model: U-AVS612 (612 liters)

Model: U-AVS735 (735 liters)

Model: U-SVS875 (875 liters)

Model: U-SVS1050 (1050 liters)

Model: U-SVS1200 (1200 liters)

Model: U-SVS1400 (1400 liters)


Product Options

  • Advanced Pulsar VacuumAdvanced Pulsar Vacuum
  • Heated JacketHeated Jacket
  • Cooling JacketCooling Jacket
  • Load Sensed Process TimingLoad Sensed Process Timing
  • Integral Data PrinterIntegral Data Printer
  • 21 CFR 11 controller software21 CFR 11 controller software
  • Remote maintenance/diagnosisRemote maintenance/diagnosis
  • Ethernet interfaceEthernet interface
  • IQ/OQ documentationIQ/OQ documentation
  • Convectional Fan CoolingConvectional Fan Cooling
  • Air BallastAir Ballast
  • Exhaust Heat Exchange System (drain cooling)Exhaust Heat Exchange System (drain cooling)
  • SPF seal (Double ended models only)SPF seal (Double ended models only)
  • CAT III (BSL3) complianceCAT III (BSL3) compliance
  • Blowdown VesselBlowdown Vessel
  • Stainless Steel fascia panelworkStainless Steel fascia panelwork
  • Integral Air CompressorIntegral Air Compressor
  • Spare shelf (SQUARE autoclaves)Spare shelf (SQUARE autoclaves)
  • Loading System (trolley/truck)Loading System (trolley/truck)
  • Discard ContainerDiscard Container
  • Water SoftenerWater Softener
Product Downloads

Product Downloads

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