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The Astell 125 - 360 Liter SQUARE ECO Autoclave Range

The SQUARE ECO Range is the entry level of Square chambered autoclaves offered by Astell. The range is ideal where you are looking to sterilize basic items and is suitable for most labs sterilizing items like glassware, plastics and media etc.

Available in capacities from 125 to 360 liters, the SQUARE ECO range is capable of sterilizing a limited number of items and is ideal where you have a specific application in mind that the unit is suitable for.

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Introducing the SQUARE ECO Range from Astell Scientific.

This range is designed with price and economy in mind - the ECO range offers all the functionality of Astell's standard circular range of autoclaves, but with an increased utilisable capacity due to a square chamber design.

The ECO range is designed to be water efficient, with Autofill and Autodrain options fitted as standard, and low in power consumption by utilising heaters in chamber across the range, all managed by the advanced color touchscreen controller.

Astell can custom build the SQUARE ECO range to your specifications.

Please note the 360 liter SQUARE ECO unit is only suitable for fluid loads.

Model: U-MNS125E (125 liters)

Model: U-MNS216E (216 liters)

Model: U-MNS250E (250 liters)

Model: U-MNS360E (360 liters)


Product Options

  • Simple VacuumSimple Vacuum
  • Load Sensed Process TimingLoad Sensed Process Timing
  • Pulsar Freesteaming (only available on non-vacuum models)Pulsar Freesteaming (only available on non-vacuum models)
  • Integral Data PrinterIntegral Data Printer
  • 21 CFR 11 controller software21 CFR 11 controller software
  • Remote maintenance/diagnosisRemote maintenance/diagnosis
  • Ethernet interfaceEthernet interface
  • IQ/OQ documentationIQ/OQ documentation
  • Assisted Air Cooling (only available for non-vacuum models)Assisted Air Cooling (only available for non-vacuum models)
  • Autofill - automatic chamber water fillingAutofill - automatic chamber water filling
  • Autodrain - automatic chamber drainAutodrain - automatic chamber drain
  • CAT III (BSL3) complianceCAT III (BSL3) compliance
  • Exhaust Heat Exchange System (drain cooling)Exhaust Heat Exchange System (drain cooling)
  • Stainless Steel fascia panelworkStainless Steel fascia panelwork
  • Discard ContainerDiscard Container
  • Spare shelf (SQUARE autoclaves)Spare shelf (SQUARE autoclaves)
  • Water SoftenerWater Softener
  • Loading System (trolley/truck)Loading System (trolley/truck)
  • Castor wheelsCastor wheels
Product Downloads

Product Downloads

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