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Heated Jackets - What they do and why you might need one

Q: In what circumstances will a heated jacket be required?

A: A heated jacket is necessary if a dry load is required following sterilization (when used in conjunction with an AVC001 vacuum)

Typical loads where a jacket would be required for drying include wrapped instruments or porous fabrics. Heated jackets are available on all Astell autoclaves over 95 litres with integral steam generators or with a direct steam supply. They add a secondary external layer to the autoclave allowing steam to circulate outside the sterilization chamber whilst insulating the main vessel. When a jacket is fitted, its effect is two-fold.

Firstly, when sterilizing fabrics and porous loads, the jacket is kept constantly heated which means that the chamber maintains a residual temperature between cycles, avoiding excessive condensate forming inside the chamber and wetting the load when steam enters the vessel. Secondly, after preventing condensation forming at the beginning of a cycle, at the end of a cycle the jacket stays running during a final vacuum, which then evaporates any remaining liquid, allowing porous loads to be touch dry when they are removed at the end of the cycle.