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Advanced and Simple Vacuum Options

A vacuum option is essential for porous loads (e.g wrapped instruments and fabrics) or other cycles where air pockets could easily become trapped within the load.

Available in 2 derivatives, the AVC001 option is Astell's advanced pulsar vacuum, which when used in conjunction with the integral steam generator and a heated jacket enables the dry output of all loads. Alternatively, the AVC002 vacuum utilizes the standard heaters in the base of the chamber with simple pre-vacuum air removal and post vacuum cooling to efficiently sterilize porous loads, but without any drying capability.

AVC001 - Advanced 'Pulsar' Vacuum

Suitable for all units with an integral steam generator (or external steam supply), the AVC001 vacuum option is Astell's most advanced method of air removal. It's ideal for sterilizing porous materials and other loads where air pockets could easily form. An AVC001 vacuum cycle starts with a pre vacuum which is followed by negative and positive pulsing. By introducing steam between vacuum pulses, air is forced out of the autoclave chamber under pressure; the best method for removing air from porous loads and discard waste. Following the sterilization stage, a post vacuum removes the steam from the chamber. In combination with the jacket option, a drying stage then begins to ensure loads are touch dry upon removal.

AVC002 - Pre and Post 'Simple' Vacuum

The AVC002 option is Astell's basic vacuum system and is only suitable for standard autoclaves with the heaters in the chamber, or direct steam models (see Direct steam models). The cycle begins with a pre vacuum, reducing the chamber pressure and removing the majority of air. A free steaming/ air purge stage then begins. After the sterilizing stage is complete, water in the bottom of the chamber is expelled and then a post vacuum takes place, removing any remaining steam from the chamber and cooling the load. Please note: the AVC002 is a simple vacuum and as such does not have the drying capability of the AVC001 & Jacket option.