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What Steam Generation Options are available?

There are several different steam generator options available depending on the size of autoclave you require from Astell.

As a general rule, all autoclaves over 95 litres are available as 'Direct Steam' models at no extra cost. Most autoclaves over 875 litres require an external stand alone generator due to the power required to produce the levels of steam necessary for sterilization. If you require a specific configuration, then please contact us for further information.

Heaters in Chamber Models

Heaters in chamber is the standard configuration fitted to all circular chambered Astell autoclaves and Economy range models. On standard machines, water is manually poured by the user directly into the chamber before each cycle begins. As the heater element(s) reach temperature, the water in the chamber boils to produce pressurised steam to force the air out from the chamber. An Autofill option is available to allow automatic water filling to take place so that the autoclave does not need to be manually filled between cycles. This option is not suitable for sterilization cycles where drying is required for porous loads/fabrics.

Integral Steam Generator

The integral steam generator option removes the heating elements from the chamber and replaces them with an integral generator for improved control over steam production. 'Autofill' is also fitted as standard to the steam generator; eliminating the need to manually refill the chamber between cycles. A mains water supply enters the steam generator, where it is heated and converted to steam. This then enters the chamber directly from the steam generator as and when it is required. This option is available throughout the range on autoclaves of 120 litres capacity and above. (Excluding the SQUARE ECO range)

Direct Steam/External Steam Generators

The direct steam option is intended for sites which already have a steam supply, or for larger autoclaves that require a powerful stand alone steam generator. An external steam feed enters the unit as per the illustrated diagram. This option is available on all Astell autoclaves from 95 litres and above. To order direct steam, the last digit of a standard Model number is changed to a '2'. i.e an AMA250BT would become an AMA252BT. Astell external steam generators are available for large square section units, with 48kw and 72kw versions available.