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SQUARE pressure vessel sizes and options

'The SQUARE range offers a choice of chamber size, fittings and finishes to enable you to build the perfect large capacity autoclave.'

Astell Scientific offer a comprehensive standard range of square section autoclave chamber sizes, each one designed and manufactured with precision and care. During and after manufacturer all pressure vessels are stage inspected, hydraulically tested and stamped by a notified body. Astell pressure vessels are manufactured to PED, ASME U standards and carry numerous approvals for many other countries.

Standard SQUARE pressure vessel sizes:

  • 400x400mm
  • 500x500mm
  • 600x600mm
  • 700x700mm
  • with depths from 500mm to 2000mm

Astell also have the ability to manufacture pressure vessels to meet customer requirements - a great advantage over many other autoclave manufacturers. Contact us for details.

Autoclave pressure vessels are available in polished, electro-polished or bead blast chamber finishes, with each designed to ensure the base of the chamber creates a positive path to the drain for condensate. All components in contact with steam are manufactured from 316 stainless steel (other materials can be used on request), and as standard all connections are screwed, but pressure vessels with welded Tri-clover fittings to accept sanitary fittings can be accommodated should the customer require this. Finally, all Astell pressure vessels are fitted with bosses to accept rails for loading equipment and/or a standard base shelf.

Where a jacketed chamber is necessary, for the provision of superior drying for example (i.e. sterilizing wrapped instruments or fabrics), Astell pressure vessels are fully jacketed (not sectional as with some manufacturers) providing the best heat distribution and maximum surface area for quick and efficient cooling. Jacketed pressure vessels are designed to ensure full drainage after a cooling cycle to reduce water hammer.