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Double door, pass-through and double ended autoclaves

'Only Astell possesses the heritage and expertise to produce the perfect autoclave to meet the most demanding requirements.'

Double ended or pass-through autoclaves are a special type of steam sterilizer typically used in high-containment laboratories dealing with dangerous pathogens and microorganisms, where a containment area and/or 'clean room' are completely separated. Facilities of this nature are usually categorised under four Biosafety levels, the lowest being BSL-1 and the highest BSL-4.

Because a pass-through autoclave needs to be accessed from both sides it may also be referred to as a double door autoclave depending on its final design, installation and operation.

At Astell, we have the experience to design and manufacture custom autoclaves, as our Barts Cancer institute case study proves, and we can confidently meet the most challenging design specifications and customer application requirements. One such example is the Biosafety designed pass-through autoclave (pictured top left), which in this case is interfaced to a Class III BSC/Glovebox.

This custom large capacity autoclave had to meet the high containment design requirements specified by the architectural engineering firm building the facility, whilst meeting the functionality requested by the end users.

In consultation, Astell paid particular attention to water consumption, effluent decontamination and facilities integration, whilst considering practicalities such as direction of workflow, servicing access requirements, validation and installation, all of which were addressed prior to manufacture of this double ended square section autoclave.

As with our other autoclaves, Astell provide a selection of options to ensure your double ended pass-through autoclave operates efficiently for its chosen application. These may include such things as stainless steel pipework, a stand-alone steam generator, automatic vertical or sideways opening doors, or a customized loading system using a trolley or truck for large or heavy items.

Another key requirement for the double door autoclave is the use of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) seals, which ensures there is no risk of cross-contamination between the sterile and non-sterile areas of operation. In addition, Astell autoclaves can be supplied with systems to ensure 'effluent retention' and 'exhaust filtration' to meet the requirements of BSL-3.

More information can be found on the Double Door SQUARE product page, or please Contact us to discuss your requirements.